Lillian Body Shapewear

Lillian Body Shapewear

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If youre choosing a strapless body shaper, you want it to be as versatile as it is effective. The Lilian Strapless Shaper by ShapedPerfect REF. 123 is the slimming tummy shapewear that you can wear with almost anything! If youre looking of all torso control that you can wear with a variety of necklines and shapes. You simply must see this piece.

The two layer design of this body shaper sits just below the bus, so you wear it with your own bra. Straps are included, but certainly not needed to hold this garment in place. Going to ball in a strapless gown? This is a great place to start. This seamless shaper slims and trims, but keeps your curves at the center of attention...where they should be! A cotton lining feels as cool as you look. Finish it all off with a convenient snap gusset and youre looking your very best in the Lilian Strapless Body Shaper by Us.




  • Cotton lining

  • Dual-layer design

  • Snap gusset

  • Removable straps included

  • Underbust construction

  • Strapless shaper




  • Eliminates love-handles

  • Trimmed lower tummy

  • Supported bust

  • All-torso shaping

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