Cinch Leggings

Cinch Leggings

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Designed to slim, shape and sculpt your figure from front to back, these leggings are a must-have for your shapewear wardrobe. The leggings are specially designed to lift and shape your buttocks, giving it a rounder and fuller appearance. An additional girdle, built right into the garment, provides even more slimming power around your lower abs. The girdle works like a faja to reduce the appearance of bulges and give you a more seamless silhouette – without the need to wear a separate garment.

As workout leggings, this innovative garment helps keep you cool when things get hot, thanks to special thermal reduction technology in the fabric. Great for the gym, jogging, athletics, aerobics or yoga, these lively leggings ensure you always look your best when working out.


  • Butt-lifting leggings comfortably lift your backside to accentuate your rear
  • Gives your buttocks more shape and volume while you wear the leggings
  • Thermal reduction technology in the fabric helps keep you cool when working out
  • High-waist design helps slim your lower abs


  • Internal girdle helps slim your lower abdomen, lift & round your buttocks, and smooth your thighs
  • Durable, exceptional-quality fabric is comfortable to wear as it shapes your backside


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